Ten-Pass Ozone Administration

Ten-pass ozone, or hyperbaric multi-pass ozone therapy, is a unique technique that allows for high dose ozone to be administered under hyperbaric conditions.  This is accomplished by using a Zotzmann ozone machine. 

During the procedure, tubing is connected from the patient to a glass bottle and tubing from the bottle to the ozone machine.  The machine creates a negative pressure allowing blood to flow from the patient into the bottle.  Once 200 milliliters of blood fills the bottle, ozone at a concentration of 70 gamma is released from the ozone machine into the glass bottle.  The ozone and blood are mixed, then the blood is reinfused back into the patient.  This is considered a single pass, and up to 10 passes can be administered during a treatment. 

Ten-pass ozone administration provides about 140,000mcg of ozone, whereas one major autologous hemotherapy (MAH) provides about 6,000mcg of ozone.

Since blood flow is important using this technique, patients will take an enzyme daily on an empty stomach to thin the blood, and a small amount of heparin is used during the procedure.  Patients are encouraged to drink a lot of water the day before and day of treatment.  The patient's vein health is also important for a successful outcome.

Cost of Ten-Pass Ozone
First pass - $225   Additional passes - $60/pass
Ten pass -$765