Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine works on the primary understanding that we have a bio-field around us that can affect our health.  This is important because in some cases there are unseen stressors that remain imbalanced that could be coming from psychic stress.  What is psychic stress? It’s an electromagnetic energy that alters the coherence and flow of our bio-field.  Examples of a psychic stress that affects are past unresolved trauma, current toxic relationships, addiction, wi-fi, environmental and global stress events.  Most people are not affected by wi-fi or global crisis, but the highly sensitive person can be. This type of person often finds they are impacted by the pains of the world, as if the pain of another is also their pain.  For example only 3% of the population has Electromagnetic Sensitivity Syndrome, but for those 3% of people this condition is crippling.  This type of Energy Medicine involves reading the invisible energy force that surrounds your body and then invoking a process of inter- connecting with your chakras to re-establish harmonic balance.

Patients have been helped when grieving someone who recently died, feel drained from a toxic relationship such as divorce or abuse, feel entangled in challenging work or family dynamics, feel a lack of belonging and isolation, feel disempowered in their lives.