Todd Maderis, ND

Founder & Medical Director


Dr. Todd Maderis is the Founder and Medical Director of Marin Natural Medicine Clinic.  He specializes in the treatment of complex chronic diseases such as Lyme disease and its co-infections, chronic viral infections, chronic fatigue and pain syndromes, immune dysfunction, environmental medicine and mold toxicity. He finds most chronically ill people need to be assessed in all of these areas to have a successful outcome.

Dr. Maderis’ approach is to find the root cause of a patient’s symptoms, so treatment can be properly directed. To reach an accurate diagnosis, he uses current and progressive testing methods, as well as clinical findings.   

Dr. Maderis has found success using herbal and nutritional medicine, homeopathic remedies, Low-dose allergy (LDA) and Low-dose immunotherapy (LDI)IV nutrient therapy, and IV ten-pass ozone therapy in his patients with this range of illnesses. He focuses on using a non-antibiotic approach to treat tick-borne infections.

“It is an honor to hear patient’s stories, then help them find and address the underlying causes of their illness or symptoms. The most rewarding part of my job is helping patients improve their quality of life.”

Dr. Maderis is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS), International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI), The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA), and the Naturopathic Academy of Environmental Medicine (NAEM). He regularly attends medical conferences on the most recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses. 


  • Lyme disease and co-Infections

  • Chronic viral infections

  • Environmental Medicine

  • Mold illness

  • Mast cell activation syndrome

  • Immune dysfunction and autoimmune disease

  • Chronic fatigue and pain related to infectious causes, immune dysfunction and hormonal imabalance

The following information will help you understand what it is like to work with Dr. Maderis. Note, Dr. Maderis only sees patients suspected of or diagnosed with tick-borne infections, mold illness, chronic fatigue and pain and environmental toxicant burden.

First Office Visit

The first office visit is 90 minutes - $750

  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Pertinent physical exams
  • Blood draw for laboratory tests ordered
  • Ordering of take-home functional tests
  • Prescribing of medication/supplements if indicated

First Return Visit

The first return office visit is 60 minutes - $450

  • Review of all laboratory results
  • A treatment plan that may include herbal and nutritional supplements, medications, dietary recommendations, IV nutrient therapy, ozone therapy

Return Visits

Return visits are 30 minutes  - $325-$425. Return visits are more frequent at the beginning of a treatment, then become less frequent as a patient's health improves. These typically range from every 1-3 months.

Laboratory Fees

Laboratory fees can range from $500-$2500 at the first visit, depending on what labs are ordered. Follow-up lab tests every few months may range from $100-$500.  Some lab tests may be covered by your insurance.


First Office Visit cancellation/rescheduling requires 3 weeks notice. If less than 3 weeks notice is given, 50% of the first office visit will be charged.

First Return Office Visit cancellation/rescheduling requires 2 weeks notice. If less than 2 weeks notice is given, 50% of the first return office visit will be charged.

Return office visit cancellation/rescheduling requires 1-week notice. If less than 1 weeks notice is given, 50% of the return office visit will be charged the first time. 100% of the return office visit will be charged thereafter.

“After two years of bizarre symptoms and many incorrect diagnoses, I found Dr. Todd Maderis and his wonderful team. Meeting Dr. Maderis in June of 2016 was the miracle I had prayed for, a diagnosis! After extensive testing and a two-hour intake process, I had answers, a treatment plan, and a doctor who really cares. Dr. Maderis has treated two of our sons as well for Lyme-related illness. My heath now, after 21 months of treatment is dramatically improved. I can do most everything I did before I became sick, which is life changing for me.Dr. Maderis is constantly researching Lyme and the many co-infections associated with tick borne infections. He works diligently to restore and rebuild your immune system rather than “blast” it with antibiotics. Our family is very grateful for Dr. Maderis and his team, he has truly changed our lives in a very positive way.” -Nancy

“Before seeing Dr. Maderis, I had been searching for answers and solutions to my long list of health issues for almost 15 years. I have seen more doctors and specialists than I can remember and not one of them could determine the cause of my symptoms. After years of trying different medications, diet changes, and even having my gall bladder removed, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, and IBS without any real treatment plan. I learned to live with my fractured health and gave up on finding a solution, but it eventually got the best of me and I could no longer pretend I was okay. When I finally found myself sitting in Dr. Maderis’ office, I felt like living death. I was so weak and in so much pain I could hardly walk, the cognitive dysfunction was stripping away my personality, and I had been unable to work for months. I had tested positive for Lyme disease only after insisting my general practitioner test me for it but was told it was a false positive because I had never travelled to the North-Eastern region of the United States and my knees weren’t swollen!? I had lost all hope for recovery until I was referred to Dr. Maderis. The referral came from someone who had suffered from Lyme disease for years and said he was the only doctor to have been able to help her get well so I took a chance and I will forever be grateful for that referral and for what Dr. Maderis has done for me. He is the first doctor to truly listen to my life story and health concerns, order extensive testing, provide a proper diagnosis, and offer a comprehensive treatment plan. Within a short amount of time I started to feel like myself again, my symptoms started disappearing (even the most persistent ones that I’ve had for 10+ years!!), and now I have energy to play with my kids and go to work. Dr. Maderis has taught me so much about the cause of my symptoms, about Lyme disease and co-infections, and about how to overcome it all. The entire team at Marin Natural Medicine is wonderful and supportive and I would recommend Dr. Maderis to anyone who is having trouble finding solutions to their health concerns.” -Shari

“Our daughter suffered from multiple symptoms for many years including extreme fatigue, migraine-like headaches, GI issues, joint and muscle pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, flushing, anxiety, …After seeing a series of doctors who claimed that absolutely nothing was wrong, we found Dr. Todd Maderis who diagnosed her with Lyme disease and two other tick-borne infections. Dr. Maderis spent almost 2 hours with us during our initial appointment, reading through the blood work and interviewing and examining our daughter. He took the time to calmly explain both the illness and his approach to treatment. We were asked to keep a journal of symptoms and before each subsequent appointment, Dr. Maderis read through the journal and reviewed it during our appointment. He used this to help determine the next course of treatment - a true team approach. A huge bonus is that Dr Maderis is completely responsive to questions via email and will always call back if a conversation is needed. Our daughter worked with him for about 18 months (until she left for college), and her symptoms were much improved and at a level where she can function at a high level and on her own. Dr. Maderis encouraged her to stay in touch with him should she need any advice or coaching. I truly believe that our daughter’s success can in part be attributed to Dr. Maderis’s attention to detail and responsive nature. His approach to medicine is an art form as well as a science.” -Carol

“I have had Lyme and co-infections for decades. Over the years, I have seen many doctors, done endless treatments, and achieved only minor, short-lived improvements. When I finally got to Marin Natural Medicine Clinic, I was in really bad shape. Dr. Maderis got right down to business, intuitively ordering the right tests and implementing treatments that have helped me turn a corner in my healing. When I hit roadblocks, he continued to help me chisel away at my health problems. As someone with quite a bit of Lyme education myself, I am extremely impressed with his knowledge. He goes to conferences to stay informed about the latest treatments and talks to other practitioners to compare results on what’s working. He is genuinely excited about getting people better. When you can high-five your Lyme doctor about your progress that is a good day! He is always prompt to return emails and send my lab tests to me right when they come in. My improvement has been significant and lasting. I can at last see the light at the end of the tunnel! Finally, I must express my appreciation for the wonderful office staff and IV nurses. They are all so organized, responsive and caring. Marin Natural is a really great place, and I feel lucky to have found it.” -Jim

“After years of mysterious symptoms, and doctors that misdiagnosed and dismissed me, I finally found Dr. Maderis. With very complex immune challenges and damage done by years of a latent infection, Todd helped me navigate best treatment and options. He is the only professional that really looked for answers and a root cause. Even when my body failed me at times and I felt no hope, Dr. Maderis continued to support my path and encouraged me. He is absolutely the only doctor I trust and most importantly, he always listens to me and factors in my opinion and needs and my own intuition about what is going on with my body. He has a wealth of knowledge and realizes that every case is different and everybody is different. I've had a long journey in healing with a chronic illness and Todd is the only professional whose hands I am willing to place my health into.” -Amanda

“Around three years ago I met with my Kaiser doctor regarding strange symptoms I was experiencing. My symptoms ranged from tingling on my scalp, hands, and arms, facial numbness, painful ears, severe inflammation, painful joints, dizziness, insomnia, severe fatigue - 30 symptoms in total. During my appointmen my doctor asked me what I thought was wrong. She did order some tests, including a Lyme test -because I insisted on it. When the results came back she emailed me and said that everything was normal and that all my symptoms were probably related to anxiety, perimenopause or even MS, and perhaps I could try an estrogen patch. I originally met with Dr. Maderis to rule out/confirm what I thought could possibly be a Thyroid issue. Dr. Maderis’s greatest strength is his ability to listen. I finally felt like a had a partner in determining what was really going on. His test results showed Lyme with multiple co infections and later Toxic mold in my home which was preventing me from recovering. He has been patient and thorough. My quality of life has greatly improved and although I am not completely 100%, I barely remember most of the symptoms I use to have because I feel so much better. Thank you Dr. Maderis!” -Brenda

“I cannot recommend Marin Natural Medicine highly enough. Over the years, I have worked with numerous practitioners both in the US and UK and it was clear to me from my very first consultation that Dr Maderis and his team are professionals with world-class expertise.  But, for me what really shines, even beyond their innovative and expert approach, is how they have created a truly nurturing and genuinely caring environment. From the welcoming smiles of the reception staff, to the tea and flowers in the waiting room, to the warmth and kindness of the nurses, this is a Practice that heals with heart. I never fail to feel better from a visit and could not be more grateful.” -Susannah