Hillary Fredrickson, ND


Dr. Hillary Fredrickson is a naturopathic doctor who has been in clinical practice since 2004.  She feels very passionate about integrative medicine and works with her patients to help them find a grounded state of balance and wellness in all areas of their lives. 

In her practice, Dr. Fredrickson integrates the best of new scientific research with age-old healing wisdom.  In addition to regular lab work Dr. Fredrickson uses a variety of functional tests including: food sensitivity testing, hormone function, gut analysis, and heavy metal testing.  She believes in using food as medicine and utilizes naturopathic therapies including herbal medicine, IV nutrient therapy, detoxification, homeopathy, counseling, and bio-identical hormone therapy.

Dr. Fredrickson specializes in pediatrics and working with teenagers.  She commonly treats recurrent infections, headaches, eczema, allergies (food and environmental), digestive issues, anxiety and depression, attention and hyperactivity disorders, sleep problems and behavioral issues using integrative approaches.  She often works with the whole family and emphasizes the importance of family health, specifically the mental and emotional well being of parents during the different stages of raising children.

Dr. Fredrickson also has a focus in pregnancy preparation and fertility issues.  Ensuring proper maternal and paternal nutrition, treating underlying inflammation, balancing hormones, minimizing environmental toxins, and creating a supportive environment for pregnancy are areas Dr. Fredrickson addresses to optimize fertility. 

Dr. Hillary is mother to three amazing kids (ages 14, 12, and 9), an avid hiker in her backyard hills of San Anselmo, a vinyasa yoga teacher, devotee of adventurous world travel, a home chef for friends and family and a firm believer in the healing power of laughter, dancing and fun.


  • General pediatric care – acute and chronic issues
  • Teen health and wellness
  • Exhausted Mom/Dad syndrome
  • Pregnancy prep and fertility optimization
  • Counseling – teens, couples and families
  • Anxiety, depression and stress
  • Detoxification

The following information will help you understand what it is like to work with Dr. Fredrickson.

First Office Visit

The first office visit is 60 minutes - $450

  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Pertinent physical exams
  • Blood draw for laboratory tests ordered
  • Prescribing of medication/supplements if indicated
  • Ordering of take-home tests

First Return Visit

The first return office visit is 30-60 minutes - $195-$295, depending on the number and complexity of labs reviewed. The determination of length of first return visit is made at the end of the first visit.

  • Review of all laboratory results
  • Develop a personalized treatment plan that may include diet, nutritional and herbal supplements, medications and IV nutrient therapy.

Return Visits

Return visits are 30 minutes - $195-$245. Return visits are more frequent at the beginning of a treatment, then become less frequent as a patient's health improves. These typically range from every 1-3 months.

Laboratory Fees

Laboratory fees can range from $500-$2500 at the first visit, depending on what labs are ordered. Follow-up lab tests every few months may range from $100-$500. Some lab tests may be covered by your insurance.


First Office Visit cancellation/rescheduling requires 1 week notice. If less than 1 weeks notice is given, 50% of the first office visit will be charged.

Return office visit cancellation/rescheduling requires 2 business days notice. If less than 2 business days notice is not given, 50% of the return office visit will be charged the first time. 100% of the return office visit will be charged thereafter.

“Being cared for by Dr. Fredrickson has been a great gift for my entire family For many years now we have come to rely on her remarkable abilities as a diagnostician. She is genuinely curious, listens with focused attention, is clear in her communication and creative in her treatment plans. She balances alternative modalities and traditional medicine pulling from the most current research. She is a grounded and energized and brilliant physician who is excited by medicine.” -Erin

“My family has known Dr. Fredrickson for years. When I take my children to see her, I know I can entrust their health and well-being with her. She is present and looks my children in the eye, validating them as people and calming their worries or fears. Dr. Fredrickson’s wisdom is vast— she is able to make connections with symptoms that could otherwise be over looked. She is not too quick to diagnose, taking time to understand what is going on with the whole picture with lots of questions. We are lucky to have found her!” -Jennifer

“Dr. Hillary is genuinely attentive to her patients. Her ability to listen mindfully allows you to be at ease during your visit. She provides a comprehensive range of medical interventions. She communicates clearly with both pediatric and adult clients.” -Rebecca