Natural Pharmacy

At Marin Natural Medicine Clinic, we prescribe the highest quality natural medications to help you achieve optimal results. Our physicians have researched and have years of experience prescribing the supplements offered in our natural pharmacy. You can be assured you are taking the safest and most effective natural medications available.

Purity & Potency

We source our supplements from top nutraceutical companies committed to the highest standards of manufacturing. Unlike many over-the-counter supplements, professional nutraceuticals use the highest quality raw materials, minimize fillers and other agents that inhibit absorption (“other ingredients” listed on labels), and use the “active form” of ingredients for optimal utilization by the body. These products are also tested for purity and potency for safety and efficacy. When attempting to achieve therapeutic results, we rely on the best.

Availablity & Accessibility

We stock a full range of competitively priced dietary supplements, from single vitamins and minerals to probiotics and herbal formulas. All of our medications are available to our patients, and can be picked-up in person or mailed directly to you. Please visit us or call Marin Natural Medicine Clinic or email us through the order form below to place your order.

Natural Pharmacy Order Form

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