Men's Health

As they age, men can experience a decline in their vitality and a range of changes in their bodies. Physical symptoms such as abdominal weight gain, decline in muscle mass, lowered libido, and decreased erectile function can occur when hormones such as testosterone decline. Referred to as andropause, this state of aging also is characterized by decreased energy, difficulty focusing, and feeling “grumpy.”

Hormonal balancing for increased vitality.

If you are experiencing any – or all – of these symptoms, we can order specific laboratory tests to determine if your testosterone or other hormone levels are less than optimal or out of balance. Restoring adrenal, thyroid, and testosterone levels to a normal physiological range often increases vitality, enhances a sense of overall well-being, and diminishes problematic symptoms.

Bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy.

Dr. Maderis and the physicians at Marin Natural Medicine Clinic are experts and innovators in the testing, prescribing, and monitoring of bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy to ensure the safest and most effective results. We always prescribe testosterone in a bio-identical preparation that emulates the biochemical structure produced by your body, and we always administer therapy in a cream or injection to avoid the risks associated with oral testosterone replacement.

Want to increase your vitality and fight back the aging process naturally? Please schedule an appointment to find out if testosterone replacement therapy could be right for you.